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Tumblr Artist

Ruben Wu | on Tumblr (UK)

Both photographer and musician Reuben Wu is an English artist born in Liverpool which offers us photographs of great beauty. With his latest series “Ultima Esperanza”, he reveals stunning scenery tinted with surrealism. More after the jump. (source: Fubiz™)

[more Ruben Wu | artist found at thisisnthappiness]

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Alexi K - Artist

Two Torsos, Female 1, Woman Disrobing, 2012

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Leandro Erlich : Dalston House (2013)

Commissioned by the Barbican as part of ‘Beyond Barbican’, a programme of events outside the walls of the Centre that includes pop-up performances, commissions and collaborations across east London, Dalston House is a mind-bending installation in Hackney that allows visitors to ”walk” on the façade of a Victorian building. Installed on a disused lot located at 1–7 Ashwin Street that has largely remained vacant since being bombed during the Second World War, the installation downright resembles a movie set. Taking inspiration from the houses that previously inhabited the lot, Leandro Erlich has recreated a life-sized façade of a late nineteenth-century Victorian terraced house – complete with a door, windows, mouldings and other architectural details – and laid it flat on the ground, creating a horizontal plane with a mirrored surface positioned overhead at a 45-degree angle. By sitting, standing or indeed lying on the façade, visitors appear to be scaling or hanging off the side of the building, seemingly defying gravity and any sense of spatial reality.

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Daniel Barkley. Gold #2, 2011 | Gold #8, 2012 | Mars, 2012, (all) acrylic on panel

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Finger Paintings Art by Artist Iris Scott

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